Ar.Vinayak Nabar, Principal, Asmita college of Architecture
Founded in 2006, ACOA has just begun the journey……


we believe in enriching students with meaningful education and teaching architecture as a broad humanistic and scientific discipline.

Our mission is :-

  • Imparting values of team-work by participating in competitions & preparing for effective practice in architecture.
  • Think different - Collaboration with other colleges for certain competitive events to allow exchange of ideas, thoughts and knowledge.
  • Respect and responsibility towards our society through social awareness programmes.
  • Appreciation and critical analysis – a platform to judge students work by other eminent architects and college faculties.
  • Introducing hi-tech developments in the field of computers and advanced construction techniques.
The support, strict discipline and motivation by our management committee has been base of this progress. Our eminent core and visiting faculties show endless efforts in constantly assisting students in selecting appropriate courses, developing their decision making skills, recognizing and overcoming their educational and personal problems and imparting values to make them competitive and a good human being. We believe in interactions with students, faculty and staff to have a team-cantered approach.

Architecture is beyond business or just a career, it is a crusade and a consecration to a joy that justifies the existence of the earth.

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