WELLBEING, just like an efficiency, adopts an approach in which technology becomes an enabler. There is this very genuine attempt we can see around to achieve wellbeing by these assessment tools to shape or let’s say to ensure ourselves that Yes, we are Behaving but, is there anything even little that can tell us that this is the effective way of behaving. Is there anything like that?
Yes there is, all our quarries (I would like to call it issues created by us) are already answered here in nature or let’s call it LIFE. In this fast urbanizing society we keep wondering about solutions to our problems but never realised that LIFE is not only solving these issues but also taking care of its surrounding while doing that and the best part is LIFE existed even before we humans came into existence.

In order to survive, we cling to everything we know and understand and we label it reality. However, knowledge and understanding are ambiguous, so reality could be an illusion. Is it not possible that all humans live with the wrong assumptions?
Now the question arises why BIOMIMICRY IN ARCHITECTURE?

Regarding our question Michael Pawlyn’s fascinating work opens up one particularly intriguing aspect of that search for a new balance – BIOMIMICRY IN ARCHITECTURE. He defines bio mimicry as ‘mimicking The functional basis of biological forms, processes and systems to produce sustainable Solutions’, and he invites us to explore not just its potential but specific case studies in Architecture where bio mimicry has already had an important influence. Basically the processes from nature will be used to influence the design and function of an architectural buildings By mimicking a variety of elements from nature, and then the final composition will not only respond to the activities within the building, but also to the surrounding environment. If we remain stuck in a waste generating, inherently polluting model of development (using raw materials in the ‘heat, beat and treat paradigm’, as Janine Benyus describes it), then we will only ever get to the ‘less bad’ (Or ‘less unsustainable’) in our use of the natural world – but never to good!
So the bottom line is, besides adaptation Bio mimicry also teaches us that how LIFE has figured out a very effective and efficient way to do things the way it does while taking care of the surrounding which is further going to take care of itself.

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