Assignment: Assignment called Transformation was given to 1st year (first semester) as a deliverable in the form of composition of cubes made out of File cards to check the Model making skills as well as knowledge of Basic Design . Each module is a perfect Cube of 1x 1 x 1 and was allowed to use in manner that the entire composition follows a Liner path within frame of 40 x 40 x 40. Condition given was that the base needed to be in grid format and modules must emerge out of Base.


Intention was to study transformation as process that seeks to explore of each individual module towards progressive end. Transformation being a iterative and multi-stage process was aimed at observing each module to understand relationship with each other to better frame the space to create an experience or series of experiences. Because transformation design is about applying design skills in non-traditional territories results in non-traditional design outputs. This thought process triggers emerging forms creates an opportunity for variety of possibilities of composing modules to understand how form shapes up ultimately as final expression.

Assigned by:- Arch. Sachin Patil

Assisted by:- Arch. Smita Chandanshive and Arch. Nidhi Shenai.

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