Mr. Muzaffar Hussain | Managing Director, Asmita Group

Architecture is a social art that touches all human beings at all levels of their existence everywhere and every day. This is the only discipline, which encompasses the four major fields of human endeavor: Humanities, Science, Art and Technology, actually putting into practice the professional inputs drawn for them.

We aim to produce several batches of Architects from our college who Feel deeply concerned towards national priorities in the fields of energy conservation, ecology, environmental pollution, protection and preservation of Architectural heritage and their precincts, low cost housing, urban renewals, rural upliftment, economic development at local and district levels etc.
In the interest of quality of life of both rural and urban settlements. We believe in encouraging the creativity and harmony among the students, as they are the essence of Architecture. We take pride in Architecture that has been recognized as great, in the historic past as well as in our own time and has been harmonious with nature and its immediate environment.

Mrs. Azra Muzaffar Hussain | Chairperson, Asmita college of Architecture

We at Asmita College of Architecture strive at nurturing and developing the capabilities of the students in order to enable them to develop into promising future architects. Education is the most important component of a developed human society. Here at ACOA, our mission is to secure and provide the best quality education to our students.

Our faculties provide constant guidance in all aspects of their betterment as an individual and professional. Our students are taught to have all the qualities to enable them to have a successful and promising career.