G - SEN 2016 - 2017

The G.Sen Trophy 2017 aimed to create a ‘Youth Centre’ for the ‘urban-poor’ categories of the society. The Youth Centre was expected to be a solution considering the ‘Contextuality’ for bringing out ‘Transformation’ in the required space via considering factors of ‘Gender Sensitivity’ and bringing out it’s importance in the design solution in the space of ‘commons’, i.e, areas used by all individuals.
Accolades: Shortlisted in Top 10
Shardul Patil
Yash Pednekar
Bhoomi Bhanushali
Khushnam Bharda
Vishal Vadgama
Aditi D’silva
Minoni Doshi
Chinmay Redkar
Prathamesh Pednekar
Suyash Tajane
Dhruvi Suthar
Miteesha Vadgama