First Year

Architectural Design
The assignments in an architectural design studio in the first year helped the students explore the gallery of their imagination. From expressing their journey from home to college in a creative manner representing the thought process and sensory experiences like taste, sight, and smell etc. , thus giving them a broader perspective of nature, people, peace, and chaos etc. To designing a park inspired by nature and understanding the people’s psychology, therefore designing a large scale space that is of use to the public of every age and promotes unity within a community. To designing a bungalow for a family with people varying from old to young in age, taking into consideration the climate, surrounding and thus creating a well functioning, aesthetically pleasing living space.
Therefore, it was a continuous process of evolution of the students starting with observing – imagining- creating-designing.
Basic Design 
A solely creative subject that lets the students free-flowingly let their imagination run wild only abiding by certain design principle. Thus giving a right direction to their designing process.

Building Construction & Building Material 
Building construction and material for the first year gave an insight of the practical aspect of architecture. From the representation of materials while drafting, types of bricks, brick bonds to complicated brick structures like piers, foundations etc. to architectural construction elements like lintels, arches, and joineries etc. In materials the students are taught about important construction materials like stone, timber, cement, metal etc., its use, availability, types, the advantage of one over another.
This, therefore, creates a base for the general knowledge about the practicality of one’s design.

A technical subject that is vital as it creates a base for drafting for the students. In addition to teaching line weight and line intensity, for the first year, it trains them about using various technical, mechanical instruments that will be used throughout their architectural journey.

The study of the establishment of human civilization right from the start i.e. the stone age to various civilizations like Paleolithic, Neolithic to Mohenjo Daro to Greek, Vedic civilizations etc. Therefore, learning the evolution of architecture along with the evolution of humans and their needs.

Model Making 
Model making trains the students to create architectural models.

It is a theoretical subject that teaches the practical aspect of construction i.e. calculating the strength of a beam and the amount of load a beam can withstand without bending and types of structures etc.

It catered to the observing quality of the students, making them more aware of their surroundings, the nature and looking at everything with a different perspective as well as being able to relate everything to the basic design principles.