Second Year

Architectural Design
Architectural design studio for the second year dealt with designing a space for the users considering the age groups, psychology, their relationship with space etc. To design a naturopathy center that was all about healing people through nature. Therefore, merging the nature of the structure was the motto, but a challenge of the design. It created a new respect and admiration towards the nature of the students’ minds.

Architectural Theory
The subject gives the knowledge of ideologies and philosophies by which the world-renowned architects. Therefore, learning from their design strategies and philosophies the students get to develop their strategies, design styles and philosophies.

Building Material 
Interesting assignments are carried out for students to learn various types and properties of materials used for construction.

Building Services 
Building services for the second year gave an insight into the practical working of a structure in addition to the designing aspect. The topics like water supply and drainage gave the students an idea about how the water is channeled to the residential sectors starting right from the water source, the capacity of water provided to each flat and calculating the capacities of over-head and underground water tanks.

Autocad: This software is introduced for the easy and fast drafting of plans which helps in the long run when one has to design on large scale (eg: town planning or designing a large complex).
Sketchup: This software is introduced to understand the massing of a structure.

The assignments consisted detailed representation of given topics. The example detailed views of Kanchenjunga apartments and elevations. The aim of this assignment was to understand the massing designed by Charles Correa and detail of mezzanine flooring along with predominant of red and yellow color. 3-d isometric view of a normal regular flat. The aim of this assignment is to explore the interior spaces and accommodate furniture accordingly. Temple plan, elevation, isometric view and perspective giving importance to the details.

From the study of architecture of early Christian churches around the world, to Byzantine architecture studying about the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, to the Islamic architecture studying about all the Mughal structures around India, to Hindu architecture studying the evolution from Vedic huts, rock cut caves to structural temples, evolution in terms of styles for eg: Nagora style, Dravida style, etc.
Therefore, covering the religious architecture of various religions.

Interior Design 
The main aim behind the introduction of interior design subject to an architectural course in the second year is to enhance the students’ knowledge about various materials used on interiors as well as exteriors of a building. It gives the students the freedom of using any materials that would suit the climate conditions and aesthetics.

Minute Details 
The objective of introducing this subject is to understand the minute details of every element required in a structure from the detailing of a ceiling to detailing of flooring.

Surveying and Leveling
The subject of surveying and leveling is introduced for teaching various tools used to survey a site. It’s a practical subject having practical submissions like using various surveying methods and various tools to carry out the assessment of a given site.