ARCHCODE 2018-19

“ARCHCODE” is the first college magazine by the students of “Asmita College of Architecture”. the hard work and consistent trails in an attempt to have establishment our very own college magazine has turned out to be splendid achievement. Which will unravel the codes in architecture for the students and for all those related to the field to help them comprehend the essence of architecture. These codes are the ones which implemented by architects to make their structure & spaces work efficiently.Description : The true purpose of education is not necessarily to create more professionals. This is to create a more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds, who can live productive lives and that is what ARCHCODE encourage about.
ARCHCODE 2018-19, the Launchpad for the student’s creativity & work. The issue surely unfolds the aspects of architectural expressions like art, sculpture, dancing, painting, music, travel and all the other unheard urban art forms.

As usual ARCHCODE brings you an insight into many brilliant works from ASMITA COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE. We cherished bringing out the issue & certain you will enjoy our latest issue...
Publication Faculties Incharge:
Ar. Pranali Yesaji, Ar. Dhruvin Soni, Ar. Rohan Goregaonkar
Publication Secretary:
Kawaljeet Kaur - Head of Publication
Ansh Singh - Asst. Of Publication
Editorial Team:
Mankaran Chaudhary, Prathamesh Gurav, Trishla Doshi, Vaishnavi Gavankar, Tanisha Jain.